Psychoplastykon – many perspectives

Workshop for employees

Psychoplastykon offers psychological training for various groups of workers.

Training for health workers:

  1. Training of empathy for hospital staff,
  2. Professional contact with patient and his family,
  3. Workshops of communication for doctors and nurses,
  4. Emotional labor for doctors and nurses,
  5. Prevention of burnout.

Training for teachers:

  1. Psychological tools to motivate student to learning,
  2. Empathy in the interpersonal communication teacher – student/parents,
  3. Training of assertiveness for teachers
  4. Prevention of burnout.

Training for employees who have first contact with customer:

  1. Professional contact with customers,
  2. Assertiveness – effective communication,
  3. Prevention of burnout.

Psychological consultations

Individual consultations are addressed to everyone, who wants to learn specific interpersonal skills helpful in everyday life and at work (by phone, Skype).